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Comenius Project 2011-2013

Water - the Essence of Life

Project time: 01.08.2011-31.07.2013

Participants: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland

Co-ordinator: Finland

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1. Schedule

4 Conferences with students:

  • France: 13.03.-17.03.2012, History of Water
  • Finland: 29.09.-04.10.2012, Water in Modern (+evaluation)
  • Germany: 26.02.-28.02.2013, EU Water Directive
  • Italy: 09.04.-13.04.2013, Water in the Future 

4 Pedagogical  Visits (only teachers):

  • France: 28.11.-01.12.2012, Support Methods
  • Germany: 02.05-05.05.2012, Teacher Training
  • Finland: 16.01.-19.01.2013, Pisa Survey
  • Spain: May 2013, Evaluation


2. Number of participants and duration

A. Student conferences:

  • each country may send max 8 students and 2-3 teachers
  • duration: 2 days + 2 travel days
  • Students pay 100-200 euros for the participation
  • Pupils will be hosted in families and teachers stay in hotels

B. Pedagogical visits:

  • each country may send 1-3 teachers
  • duration: 3 days+ 2 travel days
  • Teachers stay in hotels


3. Students' ages

  • Finland: 15-17
  • France: 14-17
  • Italy: 15-18
  • Germany: 14-18
  • Spain: ?

Teachers’ subjects:

  • Languages
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Geography
  • Biology
  • Music
  • Art


4. Visits should cover:

Conferences with students:

Students’ and teachers’ programme:

  • Big Event with presentations (presenting the countries/projects) presentation max 10 min
  • visiting school / visiting lessons
  • a fun event at school
  • cultural visits
  • some time with families
  • COUNTRY TABLE: a taste of the country/flag/map or any other items representing the country

Only teachers’s programme:  a workshop on a given topic

Pedagogical visits:

The idea behind the pedagogical visits is to give an opportunity to many teachers to visit the partner schools and get acquainted with the daily life in other European schools.  Visits also give a chance to develop contacts and enhance communication between schools.

Each visit has a common topic. During the visits:

  • presentations (each country prepares a presentation on topic)
  • discussions
  • workshops
  • visiting the lessons
  • cultural visits
  • giving a lesson?

What is a  country table? -  a presentation of each school. Tables should market the country and they should contain the following: a flag, a map, some typical objects of the country, some brochures, sweets and something else (food etc)typical of that country.

Dead lines

Topics will be prepared  by each country before the visit. During the visits the results will be presented through workshops and the Big Event.

Each hosting country will prepare a plan on the basis of the discussions in Cagliari about the main event and the workshops. The deadline for this paper is 3 months before the conference and it will be distributed to all the participants. The detailed programme has to be sent 1- 2 weeks before the student conference and pedagogical meeting.

Website should include:

  • idea of the project
  • introduction of the schools and countries
  • reports  of the visits by students
  • reports of the pedagogical visits  by students

Spain has agreed to take care of the web site.

More details on the visits

Student conferences:


  • Programme ready (see attachment)
  • Students should bring cameras, video cameras + cables
  • History of water.
  • Proverbs, poems, songs about water in different countries.
  • Workshops, presentations.
  • Pedagogical workshop for teachers : different school systems


  • The meaning of water in modern society. Consumption of water, drinking of water, bathing water etc.
  • The future of water
  • Workshops. A handbook for sustainable water consumption.
  • A play
  • Artistic photo exhibition on water
  • Workshops, exhibitions, presentations.
  • Pedagogical workshop for teachers : curriculum


  • The EU Waterframe Directive.
  • Workshops, exhibitions, presentations on the directive.
  • Photo exhibition connected with the EU Water Directive
  • Scientific research in each country, comparison of results.
  • Pedagogical  workshop for teachers:  A day in a teacher’s life


  • Threats
  • The impact of the global warming on water
  • Photo exhibition: the impact of global warming
  • A dance imitating movements and sounds  of water
  • Pedagogical workshop for teachers : Teacher education/ work load/ respect/ salary/ future

Pedagogical visits


Teacher training. We will compare teacher education in different countries.


Support methods.  We will be able to participate in a school/home event .  We will also be able to compare different measures that are taken in supporting pupils.


Finland will try to explain their success in the Pisa survey. We will have workshops around the theme. 


We will evaluate the project

How to prepare students for the visits?

They should:

  • get acquainted with the country
  • get acquainted with the town
  • get acquainted with the school  visit the website, find information

+ do the preparatory work for the project

It’s important that students take responsibility for creating ideas and preparing for the meetings.